What to bring when living in New Zealand

Hamster eating broccoli

Bring everything, even the hamster and the broccoli!

Of course it’s possibly to haul all your furniture and stuff around the world, how else would you have got that sofa in your livingroom? But my plan is to only bring the necessities to New Zealand.

I’ve tried to look up how to send stuff overseas, but it’s a bit pricy. If I was really eager I could probably call around for oversea transport, but I can’t be bothered. Less possessions equals to more freedom and less hassle.

So only pack the essentials is my mantra. I mean, after moving that many time I should know what I’ll miss and packing surely must be a breeze.

I’ll bring a suitcase packed to the brim and a carry-on to New Zealand. That’s it. In theory I’ll be needing some clothes, my computer and my camera. The hard thing is that I only want to leave behind one box of stuff and throw or give away the rest.


I’ve tried to give away my books at http://bin.stojg.se/books.md but no-one so far wanted to have the bulk of my sci-fi collection. Books can now easily be fetched and bought as e-books and I think they in many ways are better than their tree killing versions? I highly recommend the Amazon Kindle for that.


This is where I becomes my father, a saver of things. Being a nerd it means you have to upgrade you computer quiet often. That means spare-parts and some soon-to-be-forgotten cpu’s and memories. Problem is that processors and memories tends to go out of stock faster than you can turn on your computer. Luckily, it’s small stuff and will most likely fit in a small box.

When going through my collections of old cd-roms i found some treasures.

  • Windows 98 to Vista
  • Ubuntu distributions from Feisty Fawn to Karmic Koala
  • Encyclopedias from 2004
  • Mp3 fetched from Napster
  • Movies
  • Old backups

I bought extended storage (50GB for $99/yr) at dropbox, put everything cool in there and scraped the rest. Now I have a firesafe storage that is shared between my computers.


I have no idea of how cold or warm I will be the first weeks in Wellington. I will most likely not need the full winter gear, but a warm coat would be nice. On the other hand, clothes takes an awful lot of place. I’m guessing that it’ll be a last minute decision.

I’ve already given a lot of clothes away that I don’t use. There are people that need them more than saving them in a box for two years.

Official looking documents

I’m bringing all the papers that could possible mean something to an authority. There is always trouble to get these kind of papers, sign this, hand it in, come back later to fill in some missing data, pay a fee and so on. I cannot imagine the hardships for doing this overseas. I’m bringing it all in a neat little folder.

Outdoor stuff

I would like to bring my whole kit of outdoor clothes and fishing gear. But it take a lot of place and my stuff has passed the date of expiry. I’ll bring my awesome Primus camping burner only.

4 thoughts on “What to bring when living in New Zealand

  1. It’s been a little nippy here recently in Wellington. 1-2c in the mornings but it’s the wind-chill that really bites (from the south it drops the temp about 5-6c) so a warm, windproof coat is my recommendation, just wear that as carry on the plane!

  2. I’ve done exactly the same – 1 backpack, 1 carry-on. Although I originally planned to stay only for 6 months, so that made it easier psychologically – not that I would’ve needed much more for longer than that. The whole experience made me very minimalistic in my posessions, which I count as a good thing. Plus, its cheaper! 🙂
    Leaving only one box at home sounds pretty extreme, though. I’ve pruned a lot, and still have half a dozen here. I guess it depends: I didn’t want to burn all bridges to Germany so to speak, and even buying all the basics in two locations can get quite expensive as well. Funnily enough, I now have the opposite: Back in Germany, and some stuff left in NZ. Slowly building up semi-abandoned posessions in both countries haha.

    If you still want to ship something, I’ve used sevenseasworldwide.com, but not *that* bad (~380NZD for 25kg). Can’t recommend them yet though, my stuff hasn’t arrived yet 😉

    All the best for your first weeks in Wellington!

  3. It’s not as bad as you picture it. I don’t have that many possessions since I’ve been moving around quite a lot recent years. That and we’re renting the apartment fully stocked to a friend, so we are fortunately enough to be able to leave a lot of basic stuff ‘behind’.

    I looked up sevenseasworldwide.com with a quote for a book box and wanted EUR220 for it (84 days door to door). I think that most of the things I wanted to send would cost less than that to buy again. But thanks nevertheless 😉

    So now you only need a place in a few more continents and your a truly global citizen!



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