Preparations for the NZ work visa

A stack of papers

A stack of papers

When you’re applying for a work visa you’ll have to supply the [fancy_link color=”white” link=””]Immigration NZ (INZ)[/fancy_link] sufficient proof that you will be bringing your positive character and a positive cash flow into the country.

It was suggested from my to-be employeer to apply for a Work to Residence visa and my partner is going for the Family stream visa.

What makes this a little bit uncertain is that the Family stream visa is normally granted to someone who already have a partner with a work visa. And we’re applying at the same time.

To get the Work to residence visa and planning to stay longer than 2 years, I sent these forms:

To supplement all these papers I also sent the contract and the offer letter for the job and my passport.

For the Family stream visa these was printed and filled out:

These was supplemented by proof from the Swedish Tax Agency that me and my partner has lived together for over a year. I imagine it would be easier to show proof of marriage, but we’re not, so we sent the next best.

The envelope we sent weighted in at the impressive 700 grams and probably contained 140 pages or more.

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